Man, gentleman taste.

Who chooses Arve joins an instinctive, purposive, far-sighted, young and well-grounded philosophy; a direct and immediate customer approach, with no intermediate filters.

Going beyond the faint boundaries of what is purely trendy and transitional, conveying trends within one’s own identity to create something new.
Each fabric in which we believe in is impregnated with instinct and research, passion, prototypes, study.
Designing textile excellence for the client and often together with him: custom-made collections designed and created thanks to the close collaboration of Arve styling lab with its customers, exclusive selections and pre-collections which are the result of a winning entrepreneurial formula.

Arve was founded in 1963 in Meda, in the core of Brianza which wrote the history of Italian design, characterised by the gentle savoir faire of Roberto Veggetti and his brother Alessandro.
Today, sons Roberto, Umberto and Vittorio are not only an integral but above all essential part of a company that was able to design its history with elegant farsightedness.